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Bible Trivia Quiz - Bible Quiz for Kids - Old Testament


Bible Quiz for Kids - Old Testament
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1001 Bible Trivia Questions

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See how much you know about the Bible by trying a Bible trivia quiz on Bible Quiz for Kids - Old Testament.

2866 people have answered this quiz scoring an average of 67.5% and 0.6 people per day attempt this quiz with 21.9% of them scoring 100%.

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1: From which part of Adam's body did God create Eve?
2: What was the first bird that Noah let out of the ark?
3: What was the name of Abraham's nephew?
4: What did God ask Abraham to sacrifice to him on Mount Moriah?
5: What did Rachel steal from her father, Laban, when she left home with her husband Jacob?
6: What was the name of Joseph's youngest brother?
7: When Joseph was in prison, whose dream did he correctly interpret to mean he would be restored to his job?
8: What was baby Moses hidden in?
9: What was the first plague the Lord sent on Egypt?
10: On what mountain did Moses receive the the law from God?
11: What was the 'tabernacle' for?
12: How did Rahab let the invading Israelites identify her house?
13: What weapons did Gideon use to defeat the Midianites?
14: Which judge was betrayed to the Philistines by a woman?
15: Who did Samuel anoint as the first King of Israel?
16: How did David defeat Goliath?
17: How did Uriah die?
18: What did king Solomon ask for from God?
19: What feast was instituted when Queen Esther saved the Jews from destruction?
20: Who wrote this line "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want"?

Answers can be obtained by completing the online version of the quiz. Why not use these questions to create a Bible jeopardy quiz?!

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