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Bible Trivia Quiz - Kings of the Bible


Kings of the Bible
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See how much you know about the Bible by trying a Bible trivia quiz on Kings of the Bible.

1506 people have answered this quiz scoring an average of 57.1% and 0.6 people per day attempt this quiz with 3.1% of them scoring 100%.

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1: What was the name of the king of Salem who brought bread and wine to Abraham?
2: Who was the first king of the separate kingdom of Judah?
3: David's friend Jonathan was the son of which king?
4: Which king was the husband of Jezebel?
5: Which king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel went to Jerusalem and stole gold, silver, vessels, treasures and took hostages?
6: Which king of Judah is recorded as building a pool, a conduit and brought water into Jerusalem?
7: Which king of Judah was the son of Hephzibah?
8: Which king is repeatedly described as having “made Israel to sin”?
9: Who reformed the temple and the religion of the land as a result of the High Priest finding a lost book of the Law?
10: Which king of Judah was taken into exile after witnessing the deaths of his sons, before then being blinded?
11: Which king of Assyria attacked Hezekiah's kingdom?
12: Which king had a dream about a statue made of different metals?
13: Which king held a banquet on the night of his death, during which he saw writing appear on the wall?
14: Which Queen was the granddaughter of King Omri of Israel and mother of King Ahaziah of Judah?
15: Which king locked up John the Baptist?
16: Which king of Bashan was killed by the army of Moses, along with all his soldiers?
17: Which overweight king of Moab was killed when a sword was thrust into his belly?
18: Which king had a wife named Bernice?
19: A powerful earthquake is recorded as happening during the reign of which king of Judah?
20: Which king's wives included Vashti and Esther?

Answers can be obtained by completing the online version of the quiz. Why not use these questions to create a Bible jeopardy quiz?!

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