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Bible Trivia Quiz - The Book of Jonah


The Book of Jonah
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See how much you know about the Bible by trying a Bible trivia quiz on Book of Jonah.

3894 people have answered this quiz scoring an average of 76.6% and 2.0 people per day attempt this quiz with 14.6% of them scoring 100%.

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1: Which book of the Bible precedes Jonah?
2: Who was the father of Jonah?
3: Which city did God ask Jonah to go to?
4: Which city did Jonah attempt to flee to instead?
5: What was Jonah doing on the ship while the storm was raging?
6: What did the sailors do to increase their chances of survival?
7: How did the sailors discover Jonah was responsible for the storm?
8: Who suggested that Jonah be thrown overboard?
9: What did the ship's crew do once the storm had ceased?
10: What happened to Jonah after he was thrown overboard?
11: How long was it before Jonah reached dry land?
12: Where did Jonah go after reaching dry land?
13: How long was it to be before the city Jonah had a message for was overthrown?
14: How did the city react to Jonah's message of destruction?
15: What was Jonah's reaction to the way the people of the city responded?
16: What did Jonah do while he waited to see the city's fate?
17: What killed the plant that God had provided Jonah for shade?
18: Which direction did the scorching wind upon Jonah come from?
19: How many of the city's inhabitants could not "discern their left hand from their right hand"?
20: Which book of the Bible follows Jonah?

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