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Bible Trivia Quiz - The Tribes of Israel


The Tribes of Israel
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See how much you know about the Bible by trying a Bible trivia quiz on Tribes of Israel.

2163 people have answered this quiz scoring an average of 45.6% and 0.7 people per day attempt this quiz with 1.7% of them scoring 100%.

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1: Which two tribes of Israel were not named after sons of Jacob?
2: What was the main inheritance of the Levites?
3: To which tribe did Jesus belong?
4: Which three tribes camped on the north side of the tabernacle in the wilderness?
5: In which tribe was the city of Bethlehem?
6: In the time of the Judges, civil war broke out against which tribe?
7: In Revelation, how many people from each tribe were "sealed"?
8: Which tribe's blessing from Jacob said they would "dwell at the haven of the sea"?
9: To which tribe did the apostle Paul belong?
10: Which nation does Jeremiah say is dwelling in Gad?
11: How does David refer to the tribe of Judah in the Psalms?
12: In which tribe was the city of Ramoth-Gilead?
13: Who addresses an epistle to the "twelve tribes which are scattered abroad"?
14: In which city in Judah did Cyrus tell the Israelites to build the temple?
15: How many tribes is Jeroboam promised he will rule over?
16: To which tribe did Anna the prophetess belong?
17: Why does David say the daughters of Judah should be glad?
18: When does Jesus tell his disciples they will judge the twelve tribes in the kingdom?
19: In the New Jerusalem where are the names of the twelve tribes written?
20: How many cities were the Levites given by the other tribes?

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