General Bible Quizzes

Test your Bible knowledge with these interactive and printable Bible trivia challenges.

General Bible Quizzes

Do you know what the last book of the Old Testament is? Or who replaced Judas Iscariot as a disciple? Find the answer to these questions and many more in our Bible quizzes. Pick a quiz or try 10 random questions or make your own word search puzzles with our Word Search Creator!

Most of the Bible quizzes are multiple choice, some are true or false bible questions and others you have to type the answer in. All the Bible quizzes can be printed from PDF files and the answers are available by completing the online quiz which can be emailed to you afterwards.

They are suitable as Bible trivia for kids and adults - the average score is shown for each quiz so you know how hard it is - and can be freely used at home or in your church and youth ministry.

# Bible Trivia User Rating Av. Score
66 Books... 66 Questions 7.7 62%
Which Book of the Bible? 7.0 45%
Which Book... 8.7 68%
Which Book... II 8.0 70%
General Knowledge I 6.5 52%
General Knowledge II 7.7 33%
The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz! 8.0 70%
Which Gospel? 7.0 39%
True or False? 7.7 69%
True or False II 8.1 78%
True or False... III 7.4 69%
Bible Firsts 8.3 53%
Bible Firsts II 6.4 47%
There's Only One Thing For It! 8.1 66%
General Knowledge III 6.9 58%
General Bible Trivia I 6.5 49%
Bible or Not? 8.0 70%
Who Am I? 7.4 41%
Old Testament: Who Am I? 6.4 37%
Missing Words III 8.0 55%
Missing Words I 7.4 74%
Missing Words II 8.0 74%
Bible Verses 8.0 53%

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