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This is a Bible Maths quiz and each part of the question can be represented by a number and then, for example, multiplied or added with another part of the question to give the final answer. Answer the questions using only numerical characters (e.g. 50 - not fifty)

(Fishes at the feeding of the 5000) multiplied by (baskets of leftovers collected at the feeding of 4000)
(Number of epistles written by John) plus (number of souls saved in Noah's ark)
((Porches at the pool of Bethesda) multiplied by (shekels of silver plundered by Achan)) all divided by (number of sons of Haman)
(Age when Joseph died) plus (number on ship that Paul was shipwrecked on) minus (height of Nebuchadnezzar's image)
(Years that the Israelites dwelt in Egypt for) minus (years that Eli judged Israel for)
(Number of horsemen that Solomon had) divided by (cost in pence of Mary's ointment of spikenard)
((Carpenters seen by Zechariah in his vision) multiplied by (princes that Darius set over his kingdom)) plus (age when Eli died)
(Age when Moses died) plus (years of infirmity of the man at the Pool of Bethesda)
((Number of showbreads placed before the Lord) minus (daughters of the Priest of Midian)) all multiplied by (years that Jephthah judged Israel for)
((Elders sitting on seats around the heavenly throne) divided by (years that Aeneas was bedridden for)) plus (years that Ahab, son of Omri, reigned over Israel for)
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