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Answer the questions using only numerical characters (e.g. 50 - not fifty)

At the marriage in Cana of Galilee there were ____ stone waterpots.
At the feeding of the 5,000 the disciples collected ____ baskets of leftovers.
Jacob lived in the land of Egypt for ____ years.
Methuselah lived for ____ years and then died.
In a parable Jesus likened the kingdom of heaven to ____ virgins, some of them were wise and the others were foolish.
The children of Israel circled round Jericho for ____ days before the walls fell down.
Peter denied Jesus ____ times before the rooster crowed as Jesus had predicted.
Gideon had ____ sons, for he had many wives.
In the parable of the talents, the master gave one servant ____ talents, another two talents and a third one talent.
Aeneas was bedridden for ____ years before Peter came and healed him.
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