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The Real Easter Quiz

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This quiz explores the truth about Easter, and its pagan origins, traditions, myths and misconceptions. The idea of this quiz isn't to stop your enjoyment of Easter, tell you it's right or wrong, or give you all the answers, but merely to open your eyes to the fact that something that professes to be Christian might not be in harmony with scripture and encourage you to research the subject for yourself. As always, our advice is to read what the Bible says for yourself rather than relying on church traditions or other sources which claim something is scriptural.

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Easter Quiz

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The word "Easter" is found in the Authorised Version of the Bible?
Christ is known in scripture as the Easter Lamb?
Easter is derived from the name of a goddess?
First century Christians celebrated Easter?
The Easter Sunrise service is held because Christ was resurrected at dawn?
Hot cross buns were created because of the cross of Christ?
Christians have adopted Easter eggs to represent Christ's resurrection?
Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar?
The 40 days of lent was derived directly from the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness?
The Easter Lily is a pagan symbol associated with reproductive organs?
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