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As Esau grew, he was described as a what...?

Diligent shepherd
Skilled craftsman
Caring son
Cunning hunter

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In a parable told by Jesus, what did the rich man do with the surplus of crops that he grew?

Gave them to the poor
Built larger barns to store them
Allowed them to rot
Sold them on the market

Who does Paul thank God for because their faith and love grew exceedingly?

The Thessalonians
The Corinthians
The Galatians
The Ephesians

Jacob's and Esau's families separated from each other as they had become too big for the land to support them?


What was noticable about Jacob's twin brother, Esau, at birth?

He was large and ugly
He was small and scrawny
He came out kicking and screaming
He was red and hairy

The Lord said, that Jacob and Esau were two what in the womb?


Why did Isaac love Esau?

He was strong and brave
He provided great comfort to Isaac
He looked just like his father
Isaac ate of his venison

For what did Esau sell his birthright to Jacob?

A woman
A meal
His garments
10 silver pieces

What was Esau doing while Jacob stole his blessing?

Fetching water
Harvesting crops
Putting up tents

Which of the following was a way that Jacob fooled Isaac into thinking that he was Esau?

Imitated Esau's voice
Put on sheep skins
Wore Esau's garments
Made his father drunk

And ____ his father said unto him, Who art thou? And he said, I am thy son, thy firstborn Esau.



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