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Of which land did Isaac tell Jacob not to take a wife from?


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My husband and I lied to the apostles about the proceeds on a piece of land we sold. Unfortunately I did not live to tell the tale.

Abraham's servant took twelve camels in his search for a wife for Isaac?



How was Isaac's wife chosen?

Isaac fell in love with his servant girl
His father chose a local girl for him to marry
His father sent a servant back to Mesopotamia to choose a wife from his own family
Isaac fell in love with his friend's daughter

What was the name of Isaac's wife?


Which of the following was a way that Jacob fooled Isaac into thinking that he was Esau?

Wore Esau's garments
Made his father drunk
Put on sheep skins
Imitated Esau's voice

During the time of Elisha's sickness what did he tell Joash to take hold of?

Cup of milk
The writings of King David
Bow and arrows
Seventeen fish

What did the Lord in his anger tell Eliphaz to take to Job as a burnt offering?

Two pigeons and two turtle doves
Five lambs and five ephahs of grain
Seven bulls and seven rams
Six goats and six oxen

Isaac told Jacob that he must marry a Canaanite woman?


Jacob was the firstborn child of Isaac



Who came to Zacharias to tell him that his wife would have a son?

A prophet
An angel
A maidservant
A king



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