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The Kingdom of God Bible Quiz

Where will the believers reign from in the Kingdom of God?


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Israel split into two kingdoms after the reign of King Solomon, with Israel in the north, but what was the name of the southern kingdom?


Which king had the longest reign over the Kingdom of Israel?

Jeroboam II

I was a prophet in the kingdom of Israel, starting my years of prophecy towards the end of the reign of Jeroboam II. I was married to Gomer, an harlot, and had three children.

Who was king of the southern kingdom when the northern kingdom of Israel fell to Assyria?


Why did God cause a famine during the reign of King David?

Israel has sided with Absalom
Saul killed the Gibeonites
David stole Bathsheba from Uriah
David numbered the Israelites

On which occasion in the Bible does it specifically say that believers sung a hymn?

Paul and his followers in the house of Lydia
David when King Saul asked for him to play music
Moses when he had seen the glory of God
Jesus and the disciples celebrating Passover

Why do believers need not worry about those Christians which have died?

They will be raised to life again
Jesus will welcome them into the kingdom
They are assured of a place in heaven
They will be transformed into angels

What will happen to the believers alive at the return of Christ?

They will be taken up to the gates of heaven
They will be made like the angels
They will be led before the judgment throne
They will be caught up together in the clouds

How did Jesus describe his believers?

Ye are white as snow
Ye are the key to the door
Ye are as precious as gold
Ye are the salt of the earth

The believers in which city were described in Revelation as being "lukewarm"?




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