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God appeared to Jacob in a vision at Beer-sheba, but what did he tell him?

He would see his lost son again
Out of his house would come a saviour
His people would be made into a slave nation
He would be made into a great nation

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The face of which bird appeared in the Ezekiel's vision of the creatures with four faces?


What did God say to Solomon when he appeared to him the second time?

I will establish the throne of thy kingdom for ever
Your name will be great throughout the earth
I will give you long life and happiness
A son will be born unto you

What did the Queen of Sheba give to Solomon?

100 changes of garments and 100 talents silver
666 camels laden with every good thing
10 concubines each with a camel and 10 changes of garments
120 talents of gold, spices, and precious stones

I was one of the eight people aboard Noah's ark. After the flood I saw my father naked and went to tell my brothers who covered him up. Upon hearing what had happened, my father blessed my brothers but cursed me.

What death awaited Sheba, son of Bicri, for revolting against King David?

His head thrown from the city wall
Crushed by city walls
Mauled by wild bears
Impaled on his own spear

The Queen of Sheba tested King David with hard questions


In a dream at Bethel, what does God tell Jacob his descendants would be like?

The sand of the shore
The stars in the heavens
The fish of the sea
The dust of the earth

When Jesus appeared to his disciples after his resurrection what did they give him to eat?


Who said that he saw a vision from the Almighty God and fell into a trance but had his eyes open?


I was Rachel's maidservant and because she remained childless for many years I was given to Jacob and I bore him two sons, Dan and Naphtali. I later had an affair with Reuben, Jacob's eldest son.



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