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What were the names of Elimelech's two sons?

Pharez & Zarah
Mahlon & Chilion
Jacob & Esau
James & John

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Why did Elimelech go to live in Moab with his family?

Earthquake in his home town
Famine in his home town
Distant relatives invited him
Disagreement with his town leaders

What happened to Elimelech in Moab?

He died
His sons murdered him
He was killed by the King of Moab
He left his wife

Which two tribes of Israel were not named after sons of Jacob?

Dan and Naphtali
Reuben and Simeon
Gad and Asher
Ephraim and Manasseh

On what type of stone were the 12 children of Israel to have their names engraved?

A sapphire
An onyx
An emerald
A jade

I was Rachel's maidservant and because she remained childless for many years I was given to Jacob and I bore him two sons, Dan and Naphtali. I later had an affair with Reuben, Jacob's eldest son.

Which two of Jacob's sons took revenge on Shechem?

Reuben and Benjamin
Naphtali and Issachar
Simeon and Levi
Asher and Dan

Joseph had two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh?


Which king was killed by two of his sons as he was worshipping?


In the New Jerusalem where are the names of the twelve tribes written?

On the twelve battlements
On the twelve towers
On the twelve gates
On the twelve trees

What are the names of Joseph's parents?

Jacob and Rachel
Isaac and Rebekah
Jacob and Bilhah
Jacob and Leah



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