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What did Abigail prevent David from doing?

Murdering her husband and family
Setting fire to her house
Killing all her husband's flocks
Taking her servants for himself

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What did the Jews try to prevent Paul from doing?

Visit Thessalonica
Preach in the name of Jesus
Leave Jerusalem
Speak of salvation to the Gentiles

What was the name of Abigail's first husband?


What was Bathsheba doing when David first saw her?

Brushing her hair
Cooking a meal
Washing herself
Playing with her children

Which apostle, described as full of grace and power, and doing great wonders and signs among the people was stoned to death?


What was Esau doing while Jacob stole his blessing?

Putting up tents
Harvesting crops
Fetching water

After the exile, the Jews sought wealth and possessions for themselves. What should they have been doing?

Rebuilding their houses
Rebuilding the city
Rebuilding the walls
Rebuilding the temple

Which disciple tried to walk on water, as Jesus was doing?


God calls us to a life of holiness, but what are we told we are doing if we ignore this advice?

Shutting the door to the kingdom
Rejecting our brethren
Dishonouring our body
Despising God

What was Jonah doing on the ship while the storm was raging?

Hiding in the kitchen

What was Boaz doing at the threshing floor?

Threshing grain
Making bread
Winnowing barley
Treading grapes



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