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Philemon Bible Quiz

What is the lesson for us in Philemon?

You must do as your master commands
Forgive others
Treat slaves fairly
Fellowship in Christ is more important than earthly relationships

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Philemon: Who was Onesimus?

Philemon's master
Philemon's son
Philemon's slave
Philemon's father

Which book of the Bible precedes Philemon?


Who wrote the letter to Philemon?


Why was the letter written to Philemon?

His slave was ill
His slave wanted to leave him
His slave had found another master
His slave had run away

Who escorted the slave with the letter to Philemon?


What did the writer keep hearing about Philemon?

His wisdom as an elder of the church
His courage in the face of persecution
His love and faith towards Jesus
His compassion upon the poor

Why did the writer take great joy from Philemon?

Philemon had refreshed the hearts of believers
Philemon had been a great comfort to him
Philemon had converted many people
Philemon had prayed fervently for him

What was the writer asking of Philemon?

To receive him back as a brother in Christ
To receive him as a slave once again
To let him go as a free man
To employ him in skilled work

What should Philemon do if his slave owed him anything?

Haul him before the authorities
Charge it to the writer
Forgive and forget
Make him work to pay his debt

What does Philemon owe to the writer?

500 pence
His life
Two goats



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