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How many elders witnessed Boaz's agreement with the kinsman?


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What was taken off and handed over to signify the agreement between Boaz and the kinsman?


How many elders sat around the throne of God?


Why does the kinsman not want to marry Ruth?

Already married
Didn't want to spoil inheritance
Too busy
Didn't like her

((Elders sitting on seats around the heavenly throne) divided by (years that Aeneas was bedridden for)) plus (years that Ahab, son of Omri, reigned over Israel for)

Why do the four and twenty elders in Revelation give thanks to God?

God has destroyed that old serpent, the devil
God has shown the Lamb of God to the world
God has taken his power and commenced his reign
God opened the seventh seal

Who was Boaz?

Kinsman of Elimelech
Kinsman of Naomi
Town mayor

Why did Boaz allow Ruth to glean in his field?

She was beautiful
She had looked after Naomi
He had a large harvest
He was short of workers

What was Boaz doing at the threshing floor?

Treading grapes
Making bread
Threshing grain
Winnowing barley

What did Ruth do while Boaz was sleeping?

Covered his head and sat next to him
Gently woke him up
Uncovered his feet and lay down
Asked his servant to wake him

What did Boaz say Naomi was selling?

A jewel of great price
A parcel of land
A donkey
A vineyard



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