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What does Psalm 78 describe as the food of angels?


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How does Paul describe marriage in Hebrews?

A gift

How did Jesus describe his believers?

Ye are the salt of the earth
Ye are white as snow
Ye are as precious as gold
Ye are the key to the door

What did Daniel's final vision describe?

What shall befall his people in the latter days
How his life would be ended by his enemies
The life of the Son of God
The destruction of Persia & Media

To what food does the Lord compare his disciples?


Which Psalm does Paul quote from in his exhortation at Antioch?

Psalm 2
Psalm 5
Psalm 22
Psalm 10

How does Psalm 100 say we should come before the Lord's presence?

With thankfulness
With prayer
With singing
With joy

What does Psalm 16 say there is in the Lord's right hand?

Joy and eternal life
Gifts of light and life
Salvation and righteousness
Pleasures for evermore

How does Psalm 96 say we should worship God?

With a pure heart
In the beauty of holiness
With deep awe and love
In righteous fear

"Do not love sleep or you will grow poor; stay awake and you will have food to spare."


Under the law, when laying siege to a city, what natural food source was to be spared from destruction?

Crop fields
Fruit trees



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