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Who did an angel say that Cornelius should send for?


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Where did Cornelius send two of his servants to find Peter?


What did David do that caused God to send an angel to destroy Israel?

Numbered Israel

After Pilate found no guilt in Christ, for what reason did the Jews say that Jesus should die?

He had made himself the Son of God
He claimed to be their King
He claimed to be of heaven
He said he would destroy the temple of God

Where did Jesus say that those in Judea should flee to when they saw the abomination of desolation set up?

The mountains
The coast
The River Jordan

How many times did Jesus say you should forgive your brother when he sins against you?


How did Paul say we should let our requests be made known to God?

By prayer and supplication with thanksgiving
By praise, worship and thanksgiving
By thanking God for all our blessings first
With hearts full of thankfulness

How did Jesus say we should receive the Kingdom of God?

With joy and singing
As a little child
With peace in our hearts
As a mature adult

How did Jesus say we should worship God when he was talking to the woman at the well?

In love and peace
In spirit and truth
With your body and mind
With your whole heart

How does Psalm 100 say we should come before the Lord's presence?

With thankfulness
With singing
With joy
With prayer

What should we say when we make future plans?

Tomorrow I am going to do this or that
If the Lord will, I will do this or that
I pray God will give me grace to carry this out
If my health permits, I will do this or that



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