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2 Corinthians: Who should we not be unequally yoked with?


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Paul thanks God that he did not baptise any of the Corinthians, except for which people?

Crispus, Gaius and the household of Stephanus
Peter, James and John
Luke, John Mark and the household of Aquila
Timothy, Eunice and Lois

In the letter to the Corinthians, who does Paul say is a "new creature"?

The apostles of the Lord
Jesus Christ
Any man in Christ
An angel in heaven

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. (1 Corinthians Ch __ vs 13)

1 Corinthians: What is the "strength of sin"?

The Tongue
The Devil
The Law

2 Thessalonians: If anyone is not willing to work, what also should they not do?


Consider the lilies how they grow, they toil not, they spin not, and yet I say unto you, that _____ in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these

Why should we not judge people?

In case we are wrong
Because God will judge them
Because we are sinners
So that we are not judged

What should you not throw before swine?


What should they do with brethren who are not obeying the epistle's word?

Have no company with them so that they are ashamed
Forgive them so they do not feel excluded
Make them confess before the priest so that they may repent
Dress them in black and parade them before the elders

Why should a father not provoke a child to anger?

In case they take revenge
In case they run away from home
In case they harm someone through their anger
In case they become discouraged



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