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The Book of Daniel Bible Quiz

What did Daniel's final vision describe?

The life of the Son of God
What shall befall his people in the latter days
How his life would be ended by his enemies
The destruction of Persia & Media

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Where was Saul's final battle?

Mount of Olives
Mount Moriah
Mount Gilboa
Mount Hermon

What is Jesus' final commission to his disciples?

Heal the people in mind and body and prepare them for my return
Preach the gospel to the lost sheep of Israel
Teach all nations, baptizing them
Shout and praise God the Father

How did Jesus describe his believers?

Ye are the key to the door
Ye are the salt of the earth
Ye are as precious as gold
Ye are white as snow

What four beasts did Daniel see in a vision?

Lion, Bear, Leopard & Terrible beast
Lion, Dragon, Serpent & Bear
Cherubim, Eagle, Lion & Dragon
Eagle, Bear, Lion & Wolf

Who did Daniel see sitting in a throne in his vision?

King Darius
The Lamb of God
An angel
The Ancient of Days

How many horns did the ram in Daniel's vision have?


How did Daniel react to the vision by the river Hiddekel?

He sang a song
He praised God
He trembled with fear
He felt ill and weak

What does Psalm 78 describe as the food of angels?


How does Paul describe marriage in Hebrews?

A gift

In Daniel's vision of the four beasts, what was the bear holding in its mouth?

A fishing net
A scroll



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