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The Book of Job Bible Quiz

Why was Elihu angry with Job's three friends?

They had not listened to Job
They had been rude to Job
They had found no answer for Job
They had blamed Job for everything

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Job: Who was the fourth 'friend' of Job who was angry with Job and the other three friends?


Why did Elihu wait for the others to finish before speaking?

God had sealed his mouth
He was younger
They hadn't let him speak
He had arrived late

Why were Daniel's three friends thrown into the fiery furnace?

They wouldn't bow down to Nebuchadnezzar's golden image
They continued to pray to their own God
They could not interpret the king's dreams
They would not eat the king's meat

When Job had his fortune restored he was blessed with seven sons and three daughters. Which of these was not a daughter of Job?


Which of the following is not one of Daniel's three friends?


What did Daniel and his three friends eat instead of the king's meat and drink?

Leftovers and vinegar
Bread and milk
Pulses and water
Bread, fish and water

One of Daniel's three friends

Friends of Job


When Job's friends arrived, for how long did they sit in silence?

One hour
Six hours
Seven days
One day

It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and angry _____



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