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The Exodus

What sea did the Israelites cross through to escape the Egyptians?

Red Sea
Sea of Galilee
Dead Sea
Black Sea

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How did Moses divide the Red Sea so the Israelites could cross over?

He struck the sea with his rod
He lifted up his hands and shouted aloud
He walked into the sea and commanded it to stop
He lifted up his rod and stretched his hand over the sea

What was the name of the sea that the Israelites escaped through?

Red Sea
Black Sea
Dead Sea
Sea of Galilee

Hot cross buns were created because of the cross of Christ?


And the magicians could not stand before ____ because of the boils; for the boil was upon the magicians, and upon all the Egyptians.

Who was let down through a window to escape from his father-in-law?


From which country did Moses help the Israelites escape from their lives of slavery?


Which army drowned in the Red Sea as they chased the Israelites?


Which king of Hesbon would not let the Israelites pass through his land?


What guided the Israelites through the wilderness?

Moses had visions telling him where to lead the people
A pillar of cloud and of fire
A star in the sky
Moses had a map

Who did David pretend to be to escape from the King of Gath?

Saul's brother
A trader
A madman



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