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The Ten Commandments were kept in the Ark of the Covenant


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What was the name of the ark where the commandments were to be kept?

Ark of the Pentateuch
Ark of the People
Ark of the Tabernacle
Ark of the Covenant

On which day of the year could the High Priest enter the Holiest Place, the inner most part of the temple where the covenant box was kept?

Easter Sunday
Feast of Tabernacles
Day of Atonement

On which mountain were the Israelites given the Ten Commandments

Mt. Olives
Mt. Sinai
Mt. Ararat
Mt. Nebo

On what were the Ten Commandments written?

Two tables of stone
A papyrus scroll
Two jars of clay
A carved and engraved box

Where were the Ten Commandments stored?

Under the Table of Showbread
Under the Altar of Burnt Offering
In front of the Golden Altar of Incense
In the Ark of the Covenant

On how many tablets of stone were the Ten Commandments written?


The Ten Commandments were given to Aaron on Mt. Sinai


What was on top of the Ark of the Covenant?

Aaron's rod
Golden bowl
Two cherubim

In the house of which god did the Philistines place the Ark of the Covenant?


In which city was the Ark of the Covenant given back to the Levites?

Kiriath Jearim
Beth Shemesh



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