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Thessalonians Bible Quiz

In which province was Thessalonica located?


Find out the answer in our Thessalonians Bible Quiz

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Which two provinces looked up to Thessalonica as an example?

Lycia & Phrygia
Greece & Pamphylia
Macedonia & Achaia
Asia & Pisidia

Paul, Timothy and who else sent their greetings to Thessalonica?


What did Paul do when he couldn't bear to be away from the brethren at Thessalonica any longer?

Sailed from Athens to visit them
Prayed for God to comfort him
Wrote them a letter
Sent Timothy to encourage them

Why did Paul see fit to give thanks to God always for the brethren at Thessalonica?

They had treated Paul well
Their work in the Lord's vineyard was fruitful
Their love toward each other had increased
They had sent Paul a gift while he was in prison

I was sent to take a letter to the apostle Paul. He chose me to accompany him through Syria and Cilicia on his missionary work. In Philippi I was thrown in prison. Paul left me in Thessalonica when he was in fear of his life and later I joined him in Corinth.



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