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The Good Samaritan Bible Quiz

Where did the Samaritan take him, upon his animal?

To a synagogue
To the house of a priest
To an inn
To a marketplace

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I was sent to take a letter to the apostle Paul. He chose me to accompany him through Syria and Cilicia on his missionary work. In Philippi I was thrown in prison. Paul left me in Thessalonica when he was in fear of his life and later I joined him in Corinth.

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Who did Paul take with him on his first missionary journey?


Who did he take with him on his first journey?

John Mark

Other than his shepherd's pouch, sling and stones what else did David take with him to face Goliath?

Bow & Arrows
Shepherd's Staff

What did James and John want to do to the unwelcoming Samaritan village?

Shake the dust of the village from their feet
Call down fire from heaven
Perform a miracle to convert them
Pray for their forgiveness

What first aid did the Samaritan give to the wounded man?

Cleaned his wounds with a cloth
Covered his wounds in balm
Bound up wounds, pouring in oil and wine
Washed his wounded with water

What arrangements did the Samaritan make for the man's further care?

Arranged for a doctor to visit him
Left his donkey so he could get home
Gave two pence to provide care
Left him an address to visit

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, who was the first man to pass by the wounded man?




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