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Which bird did Jesus say were sold two for a farthing?


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Are not two _____ sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father

Which bird was being sold in the temple when Jesus drove out the money-changers?

Water hens

Which bird does Jesus say we have more value than?

Turtle dove

Which bird does Job say is lacking in wisdom, due to the fact she leaves her eggs on the floor?


What does the law say to do when you see a bird in its nest?

Make an offering with the mother bird
Let the mother bird go free
Kill only the mother bird
Kill all the birds

Who does Jesus say are the two most important people to love?

Your spouse and your children
God and your neighbour
God and your spouse
Your spouse and your parents

My husband and I lied to the apostles about the proceeds on a piece of land we sold. Unfortunately I did not live to tell the tale.

What did Joseph's brothers do to deceive their father to cover up that they had sold Joseph into slavery?

Dipped his coat in the blood of a goat
Said he had fallen into a pit
Said he had been taken captive and killed
Brought back a sandal and a broken staff

As what bird did the Holy Spirit appear at the baptism of Jesus?


Which two tribes of Israel were not named after sons of Jacob?

Dan and Naphtali
Gad and Asher
Reuben and Simeon
Ephraim and Manasseh



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