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How does Psalm 96 say we should worship God?

With deep awe and love
In righteous fear
In the beauty of holiness
With a pure heart

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How did Jesus say we should worship God when he was talking to the woman at the well?

With your whole heart
With your body and mind
In spirit and truth
In love and peace

Who told John not to worship him, and to worship only God?

The Lamb in the book of Revelation
Jesus in the book of Revelation
The beast in the book of Revelation
The angel in the book of Revelation

How does Psalm 100 say we should come before the Lord's presence?

With singing
With thankfulness
With prayer
With joy

What does Psalm 16 say there is in the Lord's right hand?

Salvation and righteousness
Pleasures for evermore
Joy and eternal life
Gifts of light and life

The angels told the shepherds that they should worship the baby Jesus?


Who went up yearly to worship God in Shiloh, and one year prayed to God for a baby?


Why does David say the daughters of Judah should be glad?

Because of the salvation of the Lord
Because of the majesty of the Lord
Because of the greatness of the Lord
Because of the judgments of the Lord

How does Peter say a husband should treat his wife?

With honour
As Christ cared for the Church
As he would treat himself
With discipline

How did Jesus say we should receive the Kingdom of God?

With peace in our hearts
With joy and singing
As a little child
As a mature adult

How did Paul say we should let our requests be made known to God?

By prayer and supplication with thanksgiving
By praise, worship and thanksgiving
By thanking God for all our blessings first
With hearts full of thankfulness



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