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Which Psalm is entitled "A Prayer of Moses"?

Psalm 66
Psalm 90
Psalm 145
Psalm 99

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Which famous Psalm of David contains the line, "he maketh me to lie down in green pastures"?

Psalm 25
Psalm 13
Psalm 32
Psalm 23

Which is the longest Psalm?

Psalm 149
Psalm 119
Psalm 90
Psalm 35

Which Psalm describes how well the Lord knows man, starting with the line, "O Lord, thou hast searched me, and known me"?

Psalm 129
Psalm 119
Psalm 139
Psalm 149

Which Psalm does Paul quote from in his exhortation at Antioch?

Psalm 2
Psalm 10
Psalm 22
Psalm 5

Psalm 91 verses 11 and 12 are quoted in which New Testament incident?

The baptism of Jesus
The temptation of Jesus
The crucifixion of Jesus
The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem

Jesus was a high priest after the order of which ancient king, mentioned in Psalm 110?


The snail is mentioned in which Psalm?

Psalm 134
Psalm 74
Psalm 40
Psalm 58

Which of the following instruments are mentioned in Psalm 92?

Flute and stringed instruments
Harp and sackbut
Psaltery and harp
Organs and timbrel

Which is the shortest Psalm?

Psalm 56
Psalm 117
Psalm 118
Psalm 24

What is the "chorus" in Psalm 136 which is repeated in every verse?

For the Lord is good in all the earth and heavens
For his mercy endureth forever
For his statutes are right and his judgements true
For his righteousness is above all other



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