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Birds in the Bible

The face of which bird appeared in the Ezekiel's vision of the creatures with four faces?


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Ezekiel: Other than being a prophet what office did Ezekiel hold?

Government minister
Tax collector

One of the four faces of the Cherubim

Who is the only prophet that God spoke with "face to face"?


In Daniel's vision of the four beasts, what was the bear holding in its mouth?

A scroll
A fishing net

God appeared to Jacob in a vision at Beer-sheba, but what did he tell him?

He would be made into a great nation
His people would be made into a slave nation
He would see his lost son again
Out of his house would come a saviour

What four beasts did Daniel see in a vision?

Lion, Dragon, Serpent & Bear
Eagle, Bear, Lion & Wolf
Lion, Bear, Leopard & Terrible beast
Cherubim, Eagle, Lion & Dragon

Which living creatures in the water were deemed unclean?

Those without a hard shell
Those with a hard shell
Those with fins and scales
Those without fins and scales

In what position did Ezekiel spend 390 days lying?

On his back
On his right
On his left
On his front

Adam gave names to all the living creatures he saw?


What creatures mentioned by God grazed like an ox and lied in the shade of trees?




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