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What job did Jesus' earthly father, Joseph, do?


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Job: Who was the fourth 'friend' of Job who was angry with Job and the other three friends?


Which city is the place of God's earthly residence?


What did Joseph's brothers do to deceive their father to cover up that they had sold Joseph into slavery?

Said he had been taken captive and killed
Brought back a sandal and a broken staff
Dipped his coat in the blood of a goat
Said he had fallen into a pit

When Job had his fortune restored he was blessed with seven sons and three daughters. Which of these was not a daughter of Job?


When Joseph was in prison, whose dream did he correctly interpret to mean he would be restored to his job?

Chief magician

What did Joseph send to his father?

20 donkeys laden with fine raiment
20 camels laden with spices
10 goats and 10 fatted calves
20 donkeys laden with provisions and the good things of Egypt

In the parable of the good father, if a son asks for an egg, what would the good father not give him?

A stone
A mouse
A fish
A scorpion

I was one of the eight people aboard Noah's ark. After the flood I saw my father naked and went to tell my brothers who covered him up. Upon hearing what had happened, my father blessed my brothers but cursed me.

What sacrifice did Mary and Joseph offer when the days of purification were complete after Jesus' birth?

Two turtledoves or pigeons
A young goat
A young lamb
A young lamb and two pigeons

After the prodigal son had spent all his money and famine had come along, what job did he get?

Feeding pigs
Building houses
Sweeping streets
Herding sheep



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