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Characters in the Gospels

What does the name "Matthew" mean?

The Lord is merciful
The Lord is here
Gift of the Lord
Treasures of the Lord

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What does the name "Adam" mean?

man, or red earth
man, or green grass
man, or blue sky
man, or rocks of the earth

What does the name "Elisha" mean?

my God is faithful
my God is salvation
my God is king
my God is joyful

What does the prefix "Bar" mean in a name?

tree of
son of
light of
house of

What does the name Timothy mean?

praising God
honouring God
saved by God
rejoicing in God

What does Moses' name mean?

God's leader
Born of water
Drawn out

What does the name Emmanuel mean?

God is with us
God loves us
God saves us
God is for us

What does Micah's name mean?

Who is like Yah?
The messenger of Yah
Who knows the righteousness of Yah?
Yah is merciful

What does Abram mean?

Father of a herd
Father of height
Father of force
Father of rain

What does the Greek word for angel ("aggelos") mean?

Man of God
Son of light

What does the word gospel mean?

God speaks
Good news
Wise sayings
Holy story



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