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Dark Times

On which night of the storm did the sailors try to escape in the ship's boat from the ship that Paul was soon to be shipwrecked in?


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How did the sailors discover Jonah was responsible for the storm?

Jonah confessed
Cast lots
Flipped a coin
God told them in a vision

(Age when Joseph died) plus (number on ship that Paul was shipwrecked on) minus (height of Nebuchadnezzar's image)

When Paul was shipwrecked on Malta how many people on the ship drowned?


What did the ship's crew do once the storm had ceased?

Set sail for home
Ate a great feast
They made sacrifices to God
Tried to rescue Jonah

What was Jonah doing on the ship while the storm was raging?

Hiding in the kitchen

On what island was Paul shipwrecked as he made his way to Rome?


Who came to Peter late at night and helped him escape?

An angel

What did the Jews try to prevent Paul from doing?

Leave Jerusalem
Speak of salvation to the Gentiles
Visit Thessalonica
Preach in the name of Jesus

What did the sailors do to increase their chances of survival?

Dropped anchor
Turned the ship away from the storm
Threw the cargo overboard
Lower the sails

How did Paul escape from Damascus?

On horseback through the rear gate
Disguised as a soldier
In a basket down the city wall
Through a tunnel under the city



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