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Thessalonians Bible Quiz

Before Christ returns what will happen according to Paul's letter?

There will be earthquakes in Israel
The church will be divided
There will be a falling away of faith
There will be a sign in the moon and the stars

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1 Thessalonians: Who does Paul say will rise first when Jesus returns?

The priests
The dead in Christ
The fathers of old
The prophets

What will happen to the believers alive at the return of Christ?

They will be taken up to the gates of heaven
They will be made like the angels
They will be caught up together in the clouds
They will be led before the judgment throne

This book of the Bible describes the story of a Moabite woman who married into a Jewish family. After her husband dies she returns to Bethlehem with her mother-in-law and takes care of her. Whilst gleaning in the fields she meets her second husband, and has a son whose name is Obed.

I was sent to take a letter to the apostle Paul. He chose me to accompany him through Syria and Cilicia on his missionary work. In Philippi I was thrown in prison. Paul left me in Thessalonica when he was in fear of his life and later I joined him in Corinth.

This book of the Bible is a letter written by the apostle Paul which includes many expressions of rejoicing and joyfulness. Paul also tells his audience that every knee should bow at the name of Jesus. He also particularly commends Timothy and Epaphroditus.

This book of the Bible is a letter written by Paul to a man whose slave has run away from him. Paul pleads for the slave to be received home again because they are all brothers in the Lord.

What does Malachi say will happen before the coming of the day of the Lord?

The children and their fathers will eat the passover
The faces of the children will shine with joy
The children will run away from their parents
The hearts of the children will turn to their fathers

What will happen before the Kingdom of God is established?

The believers go to heaven
The devil will gather his army
The resurrection of the dead
Christ destroys death

Paul and Silas were imprisoned during the second missionary journey, but in what city did this happen?


Paul said our faith is worthless if what didn't happen?

Exodus of the Jews
Gift of the Holy Spirit
Birth of Jesus
Raising of Jesus



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