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For how many pieces of silver did Judas betray Christ?


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How many silver pieces did Judas Iscariot betray Jesus for?


What did Judas do with the 30 pieces of silver that he was given to betray Jesus?

Gave them back
Lost them to robbers
Bought a field
Donated them to the treasury

Judas Iscariot was given ____ pieces of silver to betray Jesus

How did Judas betray Christ?

Shook his hand
With a kiss
By pointing at him
Described him to the authorities

How many silver pieces would each Philistine lord give to Delilah if she betrayed Samson?


What did Jesus hand to Judas before he left to betray him?

The money bag
A piece of bread dipped in the dish
A cup of wine
A piece of broiled fish

((Number of times Naaman dipped himself in the River Jordan) minus (number of true Gods)) all multiplied by (pieces of silver that Jesus was betrayed for)

Who was sold as a slave to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver?


How did Jesus reveal the one who would betray him?

Poured out the wine and passed it to him
Took off his belt and placed it at his feet
Washed his feet
Dipped a piece of bread and passed it to him

Who persuaded Delilah to betray Samson?

Lords of the Philistines
Leaders of Assyria
Mother and father



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