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What does Jesus say someone who wants to follow him must do?

Have a righteous heart and mind, and do the will of his Father
Leave friends and family behind and sell all their possessions
Read the scriptures daily, and apply them to your life
Deny himself, take up his cross, and follow him

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After Jesus called Simon and Andrew to follow him, which town's synagogue did they go into?


Yet another said, "I will follow you, Lord, but let me first say farewell to those at my home."

I wasn't a very popular person because of my occupation. A man came past while I was working and asked me to follow him. I got up, left everything and made this man a great feast.

To whom did Jesus say, "Ye must be born again"?

Joseph of Arimathea
Simon of Cyrene

This book of the Bible is the story of the life and death of Jesus which includes many of his sayings and prayers. In particular we have recorded for us, Jesus explaining that a man must be born of water and the Spirit to enter the kingdom of God, and Jesus explaining that he is the bread of life.

What are believers told to "take up" if they are to follow Jesus?

Their beds
Their money
Their cross
Their faith

What does the Bible say Judas "received" from the chief priests and Pharisees to enable him to help arrest Jesus?

A multitude of the common people
The chief leaders of the people
A legion of Roman soldiers
A band of men and officers

How were the family warned that someone wanted to kill Jesus?

An angel came and visited them
A star appeared in the sky
In a dream
By a messenger

When must we be prepared for Christ to return?

At any time
During the day
Not at all
During the night

What must a Christian do to earn the bread they eat?

Give thanks always
Work diligently
Pray without ceasing
Pay tithes



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