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Who did God instruct to build an ark to ensure his survival?


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On whose threshing floor did God instruct David to build an altar?


What did the sailors do to increase their chances of survival?

Lower the sails
Dropped anchor
Turned the ship away from the storm
Threw the cargo overboard

Genesis: Which Old Testament character was instructed to build an ark to survive a great flood?


What did Elijah instruct Obadiah to go and tell Ahab?

That Elijah was found
There would be a famine in Samaria
To pull down the statues of Baal
The King of Aram's army was advancing

I was the son of Abinadab. While the Ark of God was being transported to Jerusalem it was shaken by the oxen pulling it and so I put out my hand to steady the Ark. I died instantly.

What was the ark made out of?

Gopher wood
Oak wood
Pine wood

Why did Elijah choose 12 stones to build his altar?

One for each tribe of Israel
One for each gate of the temple
The number of years Ahab had reigned
That's all he could find

How long did it take Solomon to build his own house?

7 years
20 years
13 years
10 years

Why wasn't David allowed to build God's house?

Because he didn't have enough money
Because he wasn't a builder
Because of his sin with Bathsheba
Because he was a man of war

2 Chronicles: What great building did Solomon build for the Lord?




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