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What is sin?

Disobeying any religious leader
The transgression of the law
The work of the devil
Disobeying a priest

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What provoked Jesus to say to the Pharisees, "he that is without sin, let him first cast a stone."

They brought him a man caught in the act of stealing a loaf of bread
They objected to Jesus associating with harlots
They accused Jesus' disciples of doing work on the Sabbath day
They brought him a woman taken in the act of adultery

What sin did Jesus say cannot be forgiven?

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
Blasphemy against the Son of man
Taking God's name in vain

For the wages of sin is _____, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord

What are the wages of sin?

Crown of thorns
Crown of gold

Who takes away the sin of the world?

The ancient of days
The lamb of God
The king of kings
The lion of Judah

What was the first sin in the Bible?

Eating some fruit

In the Old Testament, what did the Israelites have to do to be forgiven of sin?

Give ten percent of their crops to the priest
Recite the book of the Law
Pay some money to the temple
Offer an animal sacrifice via a priest, and pray for forgiveness

Where does sin come from?

The heart
An angel
The devil

What sin is Cain remembered for?

Excess of alcohol

What sin did Noah commit after he began to be a "man of the soil"?




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