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BibleQuizzes.org.uk was created back in 2005 to test your Bible trivia knowledge and encourage the reading of God's word. Now we have over 100 Bible quizzes and over 2,000 questions on a wide variety of topics. The quizzes are interactive or can be printed off. The answers are available upon completion of the online version and can be emailed to you afterwards. Taking a Bible quiz is a great way to find out what you know and help you look deeper into the Bible and learn more about God.

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General Bible Trivia I

Attempts: 1241 - Average Score: 49.4%
(added 450 days ago)

The Jewish Feasts

Attempts: 521 - Average Score: 51.5%
(added 477 days ago)

Missing Letters III - Books of the Bible

Attempts: 987 - Average Score: 57.2%
(added 554 days ago)

Missing Letters II - Books of the Bible

Attempts: 674 - Average Score: 61.8%
(added 573 days ago)

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Can you work out what this is?

Coat of Many Colours

Find the answer and more of these puzzles on the Bible Dingbats page

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Love & Marriage Bible Quiz

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