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Test your Bible knowledge with questions arranged by difficulty. Answers and references included.
This valuable eBook, created by BibleQuizzes.org.uk, is available as a free gift to help you in your study and ministry of God's word.

Using data from the website we have created a book of 1001 Bible questions and broken it down into 20 sections in order of difficulty and included answers and references at the back of the book.

1001 Bible Trivia Questions is ideal for using to make your own Bible quizzes in your church activities, particularly in youth ministry or for reading alone for fun.

Having spent hundreds of hours creating the questions and compiling this eBook, why have we chosen to give it away for free, rather than selling it?

Well, we wanted to offer it to all our visitors as a thank you for using our site and the idea of being able to help enthuse millions of people all over the world about the Bible is payment enough. We ask that you download it with joyfulness and share it with all your friends!