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Bible Trivia Quiz - Fathers in the Bible



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See how much you know about the Bible by trying a Bible trivia quiz on Fathers in the Bible.

9873 people have answered this quiz scoring an average of 62.0% and 0.6 people per day attempt this quiz with 1.6% of them scoring 100%.

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1: Who was the father of David?
2: Whose name means 'father of a great multitude'?
3: Why shouldn't we give anyone the title of 'Father'?
4: Whose father was so pleased to see him that he gave him the best robe and killed the fatted calf?
5: Who stole her father's household gods?
6: Who was the father of Abraham?
7: Why should children listen to 'the instruction of a father'?
8: 'Honour thy father and thy mother' is one of the ten commandments. Which one?
9: Whose father was prepared to sacrifice him on an altar?
10: Which father came to Jesus to seek help for his little daughter who lay at the point of death?
11: Who was the father of James the disciple?
12: Who was Paul writing to when he wrote 'I will receive you and will be a Father unto you and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty'?
13: Which of the following was used of God to mean Father?
14: Who does James say is the source of every good and every perfect gift?
15: Under the Mosaic law, what was the punishment for someone who hit their father?
16: What nationality was Timothy's father?
17: Why should a father not provoke a child to anger?
18: Who was the father of Saul?
19: What should you not do openly before men, otherwise you will have no reward of your Father in heaven?
20: Who was to be named Zacharias, after the name of his father, until his mother intervened?

Answers can be obtained by completing the online version of the quiz. Why not use these questions to create a Bible jeopardy quiz?!

Average Score:62.0%
Popularity:0.6 / day 0.1
100% Scores:162 or 1.64%
Last Attempted:7 hours ago


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