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Who does Paul say is head of the woman?


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What was on the head of the woman clothed with the sun?

A horn of great power
A crown of twelve stars
A blinding sunbeam
A halo of the moon

Who was hit on the head with a millstone thrown by a woman?


In the letter to the Corinthians, who does Paul say is a "new creature"?

The apostles of the Lord
Any man in Christ
An angel in heaven
Jesus Christ

What does Paul say is the greatest?

All three

Who or what does Paul say cannot inherit the Kingdom of God?

Men and women
Flesh and blood

What does Paul say the Kingdom of God is about?

Loving kindness in your hearts
Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit
True worship and joy in the Lord
Truth and eternal peace

What does Paul say about women's long hair?

It shows she is blessed before God
It shows her fruitfulness
It is a glory to her
It is a disgrace to her

1 Thessalonians: Who does Paul say will rise first when Jesus returns?

The dead in Christ
The fathers of old
The priests
The prophets

How did Jesus say we should worship God when he was talking to the woman at the well?

In spirit and truth
With your body and mind
In love and peace
With your whole heart

What did Jesus say he could give the woman of Samaria?

Eternal life
Bread of life
Living water
Forgiveness of sins



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