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What are the names of Lazarus' sisters?

Salome and Mary
Joanna and Salome
Mary and Martha
Martha and Ruth

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Which of the following are David's sisters?

Zeruiah and Abigail
Rachel and Rebekah
Michal and Athaliah
Mary and Elisabeth

Which two sisters married Jacob?

Martha and Mary
Rebekah and Leah
Rachel and Leah
Hagar and Kehirah

Abimelech killed his 70 sisters


On what type of stone were the 12 children of Israel to have their names engraved?

An emerald
An onyx
A sapphire
A jade

In the New Jerusalem where are the names of the twelve tribes written?

On the twelve trees
On the twelve battlements
On the twelve gates
On the twelve towers

What are the names of Joseph's parents?

Jacob and Rachel
Isaac and Rebekah
Jacob and Bilhah
Jacob and Leah

What were the names of Elimelech's two sons?

Pharez & Zarah
James & John
Jacob & Esau
Mahlon & Chilion

"Now these are the names of the children of Israel, which came into Egypt" is the first line of which book?

1 Chronicles
1 Kings

Adam gave names to all the living creatures he saw?


What did Jesus do for Lazarus?

Cooked him dinner
Raised him from the dead
Took him for a walk
Healed him from a fever



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